Bee Pollen Has Miko Playing Again

Miko has been suffering from severe pain and stiffness for a couple years now and was having trouble with stairs and getting up from lying down. Couldn't make it on walks any more or many of his favorite activities. We tried medications and glucosamine supplements, without much improvement. After several months of these expensive treatments that didn't help much, we stopped and had given up much hope. Then we tried Snook's Bee Pollen Supplement. After just a couple days he was looking better than in a long while. After a week he was cruising up and down stairs and rough house playing with our other dog Gus. He actually smiles again! Photo: Miko (right), at 9 years old and 216lbs, once again likes to play with 5 year old pal Gus (116lbs.)—Thank You Snook's

Allergy Free with Bee Pollen

I purchased the Bee Pollen Supplement from you at the Portland Saturday market. You said it would help allergies and it certainly does. Copper has stopped itching, licking his paws and his ears have cleared up. Unfortunately, I ran out of the supplement and all his symptoms reappeared within one week. I've ordered from your web site and won't run out again! Thanks for a great product. —Pam Kamerer

Remarkable Difference with Bee Pollen

Hi Guys, it's Jenn ain with Annie and Forest here in North Bend, I'm going to need more Bee Pollen, and drops for Annie, as I see a remarkable difference in both. —Jenn