Solomon Had a Better Life Because of Your Products!

Thank you so much for your wonderful products! I have been giving my English Mastiff, Solomon, your Bee Pollen Supplement for several years now. I truly believe your supplement added years to his life. Sadly, he passed away in January, but he lived to be 11 years old (which is OLD for a Mastiff)! He simply died of old age, not of any illness or disease. I know Solomon had a better life because of your products. I recommend Snook's to any pet lover!
--Sarah K. (mom to Solomon and Bullet)
Avon, Indiana

Jaxon's Coat Is Now Thick and Shiny!

We live in Wisconsin so our winters are snow filled and cold. Jaxon has had some issues with his coat and it is very thin, so thin you could see his skin. He doesn’t enjoy the winter like Sadie who has the traditional thick Lab coat with the soft undercoat of the Golden retriever. She is able to lay out in a snow bank for hours. I started both dogs on the supplement on Dec 17th and found an extra benefit to the supplement, I am thrilled to say that Jaxon’s coat is now thick and shiny. Still not the same coat type as most labs, it’s more like soft thick fur than the coarse lab coat. He is enjoying the winter weather more and spends more time outside with Sadie. —Sandi

Years Since He's Been This Pain Free!

How can I ever thank you for providing such a wonderful product for our pets! I have an 11-year-old greyhound named Duffy. He has had a very painful shoulder for years. I have tried every pain medication available, cortisone injections, and acupuncture. Nothing seemed to work. I bought your Bee Pollen Supplement less than a month ago and I'm amazed at the change in my boy. Within days he had stopped panting (in pain). Then I noticed that he could go longer on our walks. Now, about 3 weeks later, he is not even limping, and he's pulling me on the leash. It has been years since he's been this pain free and I am so happy for him. I plan on keeping him on this for the rest of his life. I've sent pictures of my Duffy (see below) to show you how comfortable he looks. —Thank you so much, Carolyn Biamont

Duffy is comfortable and enjoys longer walks again.

Almost Immediately There Was Improvement

Last week I bought your Bee Pollen Supplement for joint health for my boxer. (I purchased it at Saturday Market - perhaps you remember my boxer with the blown knee.) Almost immediately there was improvement in her knee mobility; enough so that I felt comfortable dropping her off at playcare all day on Monday. When I picked her up she was energetic and, for the first time in a year, not limping. The next morning, when normally she would be stiff and sore and generally gimpy, she was only slightly slower than her normal hyperactive self. I am in love with how well this stuff works for her joints. —Best, Kelly

Allergy Free with Bee Pollen Supplement

I purchased the Bee Pollen Supplement from you at the Portland Saturday market. You said it would help allergies and it certainly does. Copper has stopped itching, licking his paws and his ears have cleared up. Unfortunately, I ran out of the supplement and all his symptoms reappeared within one week. I've ordered from your web site and won't run out again! Thanks for a great product. —Pam Kamerer

Where Can We Get Snook's Bee Pollen Supplement Locally?

We recently purchased your Bee Pollen Supplement at the Portland Saturday Market. Our dogs love it and seem to be benefiting from it, especially our 15-year-old. But, it's almost gone. We were wondering where it's available at any Portland-area stores, other than at the Saturday Market—Dana and Jill