No More Red Ears or Scratching!

I just wanted to email you about how happy I am with your products. I have two lab-mix dogs who have had chronic yeast type ear infections for most of their lives. We live on waterfront property on Puget Sound and they love to swim and even with prescription ear wash, antibiotic drops, yeast powder, and antibiotic medications, they seem to have infected and irritated ears. I saw your products at the Portland Saturday Market and ordered the ear drops and sweet potato chews online last week. My dogs love the treats and after only two days of your ear drops, their ears are no longer red and they are not shaking their heads or scratching at their ears. The drops smell great and my dogs no longer have the sour smell of yeast. Thank you so much for the wonderful products, I will be ordering more ASAP. –Donna, owner of Sammy & Chompers

Her Ears Are Completely Clear!

I had to email you to tell you how well your Ear Oil worked. We bought some from you a couple of weeks ago at Saturday Market. Our little Sheltie has food allergies and had been producing more than normal wax in her ears as a result. We have her on a very restricted diet, but the was has continued to build up. We have had to put her under twice to have her ears cleaned due to the build up. We have gotten different ear drops and ear cleaners from our vet that have not helpped. Our next step was to take her to a specialist. We just happened by your booth at Saturday Market and I saw the ear drops. I liked the fact that it was all natural and smelled so good. Since it's all natural, I thought it was worth a try. I am so glad we tried it. It's only been a couple of weeks, but her ears are completely clear. It really is amazing -- it worked so well and so quickly. The other ear drops and cleaners didn't seem to help. But your ear drops did the trick. And Misty doesn't mind them nearly as much as the other drops. Thank you so much!! –Cindy Hardy