Tooth De-Plaquing...

Hello lovely Snook's people,

We are a fairly new grooming salon in the hill country outside of Austin. I have had some of your tooth oil for my personal dog's use and have also brought it in to the salon to use on some of our clients with terrible plaque. The results are amazing and all of the dog's owners now request the "tooth de-plaquing" along with a good tooth brushing.
Thanks so much—Sigrid, Max & Molly's Pet Grooming, Spicewood, TX

Tooth Oil Makes Real Difference, and Easy to Use

We have 4 retired greyhounds that suffer from different dental problems and I have to keep up on their teeth faithfully. In the past we have used toothpaste made for dogs but were not always happy with the ingredients. We bought the package you donated to the raffle for the Boys and Girls Club which came with a Snook's Tooth Oil and some Sweet Potato chews and chips. The Snook's Sweet Potatoes were a hit of course but Wow what a difference the Tooth Oil makes. Not only is your Tooth Oil easier to use but the ingredients or actually good for our dogs. Thank you for all the thought you put into your products. —Edna Sager